Residential Sales

At Gawler East Real Estate we put you in charge of selling your home.

We will help you get the best price through our diverse range of experience and skill sets.

We are a licensed Agency, trained in negotiation assisting you achieve the maximum dollar for your property.

We make the big difference meeting your needs through quality representation and 15 years of sales experience as a small business owner/operator.

The choice is yours for either a Full Agency Representaion or Self Empowered Selling (DIY Sales System) - where we advise and guide you through the process at a significant saving on full service fees.

The flexible tailored packages we offer are:

·        DIY (Do it Yourself) Sales System

OR a

·        Full Agency Representation

The above service level systems can also be modified to suit the individual.


DIY Service

  • ·        Personal Service: Consultation with a Gawler East Real Estate Sales Agent
  • ·        Property Report: A tailored property market analysis that outlines past and current sales in direct comparison to what you are about to list.
  • ·        Online Marketing: Listing within leading industry websites such as
  • ·        Paper Based Marketing: Property listed within local and/or state based newspapers such as the Gawler Bunyip and Advertiser.
  • ·        4 Sale Sign: The 4 sale sign comes in 3 different sizes and cost will vary pendant on the level of graphic art content.
  • ·        Guidance and Negotiations: Gawler East Real Estate Sales Agent will manage and negotiate the sale of the property.
  • ·        Contract of Sale: The contract of Sale and all other legal paperwork will be handled by the Agent.
  • ·        House Opens: All opens are carried out by the seller.


Selling Fees for DIY Service – 1%.

All marketing costs are paid upfront by seller. A tailored marketing plan will be agreed too between the Agent and seller prior to the property being listed.


Gawler East Real Estate Full Agent Representation

Within this service level we are with you every step of the way. This means that we do all of the above (DIY Service level), plus we are at all of the house opens, as oppose to the seller organizing this themselves.

Selling Fees For Full Agent Representation – 1.5%

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